Strategic Planning


Collaborative Visioning


We will guide you and your team toward a shared vision for the future.  

After warming up the group, a typical visioning retreat starts out with developing a common understanding of the organization’s history through a thorough examination of previous milestones. We then look at the value of the product or service that you offer and establish a common purpose for the organization, culminating in a clear Mission.  Next we determine what is currently happening in your industry by examining the trends and your customers and your competition. This could include a variety of analyses that bring to light your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, core competencies, and value chain.  We then use a comprehensive tool bag of innovative approaches to bring your team to an inspired yet realistic vision of where your organization could be in two to twenty years. Lastly, we determine measurable goals to fulfill your team’s vision.


Strategic PLanning May Include

  1. Bullet Explore your history

  2. Establish values

  3. Determine purpose/mission

  4. Customer Analysis

  5. Trend Analysis

  6. Competitive Analysis

  7. SWOT Analysis

  8. Value Proposition and Value Chain Analysis

  9. Multiple ways to visualize into the future

  10. Bullet Determine goals

  11. Bullet Establishing tactical plan

and many more...

We Provide the instructions

We keep your team of 5-105 people focused in the meeting to be clear, comprehensive, specific and creative, while coming to consensus regarding the direction of your organization.

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