We are experts in ideation – the process of generating ideas. Like brainstorming.  We have a huge inventory of ideation.  We also have a boat full of experience in leading ideation groups.  We use these tools and experience to facilitate your ideation session. After an ideation session we will work with your group to converge those ideas into viable ones.

For product, services and marketing development.

Always lots of fun, and lots of great ideas.

For groups of 5 to 105.

Example of an Ideation session we lead.
Another example Ideation session we lead.

Generating Ideas

Some Ideation tools we use

  1. BulletBrainwriting

  2. Metamorphic box

  3. Idea Gallery

  4. Buzz groups

  5. Checklists

  6. Pass It On

  7. Using Goals

  8. BulletArts and Crafts

  9. BulletCombining

  10. Bulletand many more...

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